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Dr Das's latest album "Caustic" represents a transition towards a more electronic landscape. The arrangements are more open and free flowing than on his 3 previous 'dubnoiz' outings.

He was originally attracted to dub over 30 years ago, not only because of his then new found love of heavy bassline melodies, but because dub provided a framework in which to create accessible - ie: not solely intellectual - experimental music, which could be danced to. Recently however, he has found these principles more at play in the minimal works of artists such as Robert Hood from Detroit, whose command and understanding of the beauty of repetition has inspired Dr Das to continue his journey towards a more abstract and minimal sound.

This music is nevertheless, not devoid of an awareness of the world, and track titles, such as "Negated Community," (the opposite of 'gated community' in every sense), "Refugee Militia" (inspired by the film "Children Of Men") and "The Beauty Of Strangers" betray an empathy with displaced peoples, refugees and migrants, who continue to be vilified in practically every society, but the root causes of whose need to move are deliberately overlooked.

Live, Dr Das now performs solo, using laptop and hardware controllers (though a move towards a complete hardware set up is imminent), and rather than just effecting and remixing the recorded version, he chooses to build the tracks from their component loops, creating movement and variation through real time distortion and equalisation. His continued use of indian and arabic - and now african - percussion samples is not only for their aesthetic value - their melodic and harmonic potential - but for their cultural, and by extension, political implications: the aggressive manipulation of such loops creates a sound that is fiercely anti-exotic and anti colonial - the complete antithesis to the hippy and white middle class tourist trip - hence the use of the title "Caustic." As such, his additional motive is to attract more black people and people of colour into this arena, to engage not only as listeners and dancers, but ultimately as practitioners of experimental electronic dance music themselves.

This music is intended for aliens, outsiders and unconventional thinkers - motivation and propulsion for those attempting to change things from below and not waiting for dictates from above.

Special dedication to DJ Soundar for his continuing support, to black experimental project Dubmorphology for inspiration and to Ramjac for his excellent work in mastering this sometimes challenging project.


released April 4, 2017

All tracks written by Aniruddha Das. Programming & Electric Bass by Dr Das. Recorded and mixed at Red Reception, Harrow, UK. Mastered by Ramjac in Vienna. Photography by Aniruddha Das.



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Dr Das London, UK

Dr Das is an electronic musician and the bassist and co-founder of Asian Dub Foundation. As a producer and remixer, he engages in more experimental work, setting his emotive, heavy bass melodies against layers of distorted indian and arabic percussion. To date, he has released 4 solo albums: EMERGENCY BASSLINES (2006), PREPARING 4 WAR (2014), OUTSIDER DUB (2015), CAUSTIC (2017). ... more

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